Product DNA has been providing transparency and traceability solutions for the global economy since 2005.

Architects of Traceability and Transparency since 2005

Product DNA was founded in 2005, by Robin Cornelius who developed the idea of a transparent economy in the late 90s, long before transparency became a standard of corporate communication.

“I had to wait until 2005” – he says – “when, with the advent of new digital technologies, I was able to provide consumers with a powerful tool for making informed decisions – before, during or after any act of purchase – thanks to our transparency platform The solution came naturally to me: share everything transparently.
But how?
By mastering the traceability of all our operations to enable total transparency of our supply chains.
Sharing what?

The remarkable actions we carried out every day on behalf of our suppliers (schools, dispensaries, canteens, water recycling, carbon footprint) – something our clients and the end consumer had no idea about.


Today, 20 years later, to stay true to Product DNA’s mission alongside our vision, we continue to pave the way for companies of all sizes and sectors to share their remarkable deeds and product stories.

And now?

Product DNA is a Swiss-based company that provides traceability and transparency services with a global operational scope.

Its offices are located in Switzerland, the USA, and the Netherlands.

A global transparent economy
To help companies of all sizes and industries improve the traceability of their supply chains while adopting a transparent approach to their business operations.

We aim to empower companies to use traceability data for their everyday business needs. The solutions and services we provide help them document, manage,

and communicate the data throughout the entire supply chain. By reaching the goal of transparent communication, we are also:

Meet the Team

Aleksandar Cvetkov
Front-End Developer
I love developing the front-end matching the back-end.
Aleksandar Panchevski
DevOps Engineer
It’s like checking a parachute, there’s no room for error.
Aleksandra Temelkovska
Front-End Developer
Merging art and technology.
Andon Andonov
Project Manager / SEO
Managing projects with keywords.
Blagoja Risteski
UX/UI Designer
Let’s navigate with ease.
Brankica Shoptrajanova
Content & Communication Manager
Clear and verified content is everything that matters.
Charles Kwartnik
Customer Project Management
Backing up customers with our expertise.
Daniel Blarer
Managing Director
My shoulders become wings when the mission makes so much sense.
Dejan Filipov
Front End-Developer
I love developing the front-end matching the back-end.
Delfina Zhupan Lazareski
Product Owner
Driving our Agile journey towards innovation and growth.
Dime Zafirov
General Manager North Macedonia
All our teams share the same values.
Emeline Hardy
Traceability Expert
There is always more to trace. 
Filip Shutinovski
Tech Lead Front-End
Fine-tuning the Front-End is essential
Goran Donev
DevOps Engineer
It’s like checking a parachute, there’s no room for error.
Henrique Real
Portugal Regional Manager
Every day, I bring Product DNA’s creativity to Portugal. 
Hristijan Dimovski
Front-End developer
I love developing the front-end matching the back-end.
Hristijan Todorovski
Software QA Engineer
Try it again. Fail again. Fail better.
Lazar Zdravskoski
Back-End Developer
There’s no successful Front End without a smart Back End
Martina Shutinovska
Project Manager / Scrum Master
Ensuring seamless project execution.
Maxime Margat
Sales Representative Switzerland
In responsible business, size doesn’t matter.
Olgica Mihajlovska
Front-End Developer
Merging art and technology. 
Phillipe Nicolet
Smart Reporting is an Art!
Robin Cornelius
We’re united by our vision.
Samar Mourad
Business Analyst
Driven by customers’ needs and our solutions. 
Sandra Davchevska
Graphic Designer
Transparency is probably the most beautiful colour.
Sasho Jovanovski
UX/UI Designer
Let’s navigate with ease!
Sibela Shaziman
Customer Success Manager
Here to support you, every step of the way!
Stephan Morin
General Manager PDNA North America
Let’s make American businesses transparent and traceable. 
Stojan Treneski
Traceability Expert
Traceability knows no borders.
Svetlana Gouret
Business Analyst
Acting like a bridge between business and technical teams. 
Thibaut Poncin
Senior Traceability Expert
Finding new traceability  solutions every day. 
Tihomir Bozhinovski
Software QA Engineer
Try it again. Fail again. Fail better.
Tamara Glushica
Processes & Efficiency Management
Life is an endless process, my drive is to make it easier. 
Tony Tonnaer
General Manager PDNA Netherlands
Amsterdam’s canals inspire me to build bridges in business.
Vincent Duffau
Business Dvpt. & Partnerships
Building intelligent partnerships strengthens us all.
Vincent Mercier
Team Lead Traceability
My Cartesian mind drives me to detail.
Younes Jai
Legislations & Regulations
Just respect the rules.
Zlatka Kuvendjieska
Human Resources
People first!

Board of Directors

Robin Cornelius
Philippe Glatz
Partner & Board Member
Pascal Meyer
Board Member
Henry Landelle
Board Member

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